Why do people hate Tom Preston?

You keep asking that question so I might as well tell you why

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It’s not a scam, it’s still a commission

Making a journal to excuse an incredibly unprofessional way of handling a private commission is a really bad way to respond to something and shows no will to improve something.

And the fact that Dobson is labelling this under trolling and a scam is also not surprising to me. Remember, these people could have very well commissioned something awful like fetish art or something hateful but they chose Samus instead to actually review how he does his work and it sheds a lot.

The whole “well they didn’t see how well I catered to my other customers” does not excuse the fact that this is not a good way to do private commission due to the following

  • bearing very little communication between a customer who has invested their money into you
  • taking that for granted and wasting a good amount of time
  • not making changes to the customer’s demand (even though they are paying you for this)
  • blatant plagiarism

I could go on and on, but those who have invested their money into this have already put in their words on this.

And of course, I will always get “but how will this help new artists?” Well, I’m a firm believer of making mistakes being a good way to learn and, even better, observing other’s mistakes and learning from them to save yourself some trouble. When you’re catering to someone who has invested money into you, it is important to do the best to satisfy them,

And this isn’t a very easy thing for most people, you might deal with someone who can be an ass to you or doesn’t communicate well with you. Of course, you have the right to deny working for some people, but when you do work for them, showing competence and commitment will reward the both of you.

Fortunately, artists-beware is where these issues are discussed about along with warnings about both customers and caterers and can really save yourself from getting into huge trouble.

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Anonymous asked: Yo. That Dobson commission? The entire Ridley portion is plagiarized. He took money for a commission, spent 4 months on it, and delivered someone else's work for half of it. He could not be less of a pro or more of a scumbag.

Going by mere assumption (I have not read the thread or whatever that conducted this haha) he might have thought that commissioner was some random person on the internet who wouldn’t even notice such a thing (even after the constant statement for correction on the arm’s foreshortening).

Many professionals in various art fields have told me that his behaviour is far from professional, and this whole take on how he carries out commission work just sheds a lot more light on the subject and it isn’t very pretty.

Even if we were in some bizzaro world where Dobson did eyeball that Ridley, how he has communicated with his customer is very very poor work and serves as a nice example for people who are thinking about doing commission works themselves.

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shizmoo replied to your link “Operation: Commission Tom Preston”


The thread is over a thousand pages by now. I haven’t been keeping up for months and I lost my mod status due to inactivity. But I’m really happy that they forumers did this experiment since it does shed some more light.

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patchworkjukebox replied to your post “Since I get this question sometimes, I might as well make a somewhat…”

i am a firm believer in employers literally looking you up online to see how you’re like…if dobson doesnt change up soon he could be in trouble lol

Many employers do google your name and basic stuff just to do some research on you just to see if your web life reveals a bit more. Though from what colleagues tell me, you’ll get in really really deep shit if you appear to have some relation to sexist or racist shit - which is why a lot of people want to get their ED articles down (and sadly, do shit that makes the admins want to keep their articles up).

I’ve also had many professionals in the art field (concept artists and animators mostly) confirming that Dobson’s behaviours are the exact opposite of how a professional should act. Clients will do research on you to see your history and if you’re worth investing into, which is why artists-beware exists.

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Since I get this question sometimes, I might as well make a somewhat brief and comprehensible post to answer the following: I’m afraid that people will hate me like they do with Tom Preston. It actually takes a lot, in my opinion, to reach that level. You’d have to lack a lot of awareness and empathy to do things that will gear the community to have an overall negative opinion on you.

If you believe you’re capable of learning from mistakes and have the power to do better, then you really don’t have worry about anything. If you do have problems where you constantly get into internet fights and don’t learn from it (I see this a lot on tumblr, unfortunately) then you’ll have to start paying more attention to what you’re actually doing because you need to cut the shit that constantly cycles you into getting into drama. But here are extremely basic point to realize:

  • Opinions can still be criticized
  • Poor reaction to criticism (by making comics in Dobson’s case) will continue to draw in negative opinions on you
  • Be a kind person. Be respectful even to your critics. Try your best to better your attitude when interacting with others

If you plan on working for the industry, you need to realize that are also selling your own image as well. If you have a history of telling others tough luck and to cry a river (you special snowflake) then you will not only give off the image that you’re an immature person but that you’ll also be hell to work with. Most people would not want to hire someone who is known for being rude and unable to handle criticism.

If you just want to keep up a hobby on the internet, it still applies. Respecting your critics doesn’t necessarily mean to adhere to every demand but being a decent human being to them will still save you a lot trouble.

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Anonymous asked: You do realize that this blog can also harm newbie artists, right? Knowing that we'll be hated and under fire for things as arbitrary as a character's skin color or something makes getting critiques from people, being in the public's eye, rather intimidating. I mean, what if I don't draw an eyebrow right, or don't agree with someone that doesn't like my humor and handle it wrong? Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Dobson isn't nearly as bad as you'd like to think. Just needs improvement.

You’ll only get hate if you’ll actually get extremely defensive over someone pointing out that you coloured the skin wrong. Getting critique, being in public will always have that sense of intimidation in varying amount from person to person. Nobody is really above criticism and attitude determines how well you can handle that.

What you’ll have to learn from the whole whitewashing debacle from long ago is that there are going to be implications when you make a character like Jasmine white. Not just slightly paler - I mean full on white with blue eyes and everything.

Actually in all, what artists should learn is that this isn’t a matter of how you draw or whether you draw eyebrows weirdly. The actual problem is how someone reacts to criticism and how that translates into making comics spreading the message of “it’s art school’s fault that I can’t draw this” will inevitably garner people’s negative view on you.

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Colour matters

That Jasmine post got over 300 notes. I might as well continue on Dobson’s way of handling colours in a post. This has to be the umpteenth time I complained about his colours. Unfortunately, mistakes when it comes to characters of colour has bad implications which you have to understand.

But for now - racial issues in regard to this are fuzzy at the moment and this is more about how understanding value and colour and looking up references will ultimately benefit you.

Below is the result of two users editing the second version of Dobson’s edit (he changed it a second time making her look more pink and sunburned).


The eyedropper tool from a cap wouldn’t be directly applied but it helps understand how colours contrast with each other. With their combined efforts it would have taken less than ten minutes. Dobson used that time to argue, however.

More under cut is just covering a bit more on values and whatnot.

Read more …

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adammcquaig asked: Okay so I don't normally do this but I am legitimately intrigued. I've been through this blog and it's not necessarily things Tom Preston has done directly, more just people hating on him indiscriminately. Probably because it's really easy to hate someone on tumblr (sheep mindset, easy reblogs, etc). So there's a skin error and he defends it? I mean I'm slightly put off by it but geez... to tear him apart limb from limb because of it? He's not a great artist and he's a human being. Take it easy.

I have only posted two three photos of the whitewashing thing - one of them being a submission. I personally have mixed opinions when it comes to how tumblr deals with whitewashing. Personally, I’m more concerned with how much energy he spent arguing with other people instead of listening to criticism and changing things before it got heated.

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