Why do people hate Tom Preston?

You keep asking that question so I might as well tell you why

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Colour matters

That Jasmine post got over 300 notes. I might as well continue on Dobson’s way of handling colours in a post. This has to be the umpteenth time I complained about his colours. Unfortunately, mistakes when it comes to characters of colour has bad implications which you have to understand.

But for now - racial issues in regard to this are fuzzy at the moment and this is more about how understanding value and colour and looking up references will ultimately benefit you.

Below is the result of two users editing the second version of Dobson’s edit (he changed it a second time making her look more pink and sunburned).


The eyedropper tool from a cap wouldn’t be directly applied but it helps understand how colours contrast with each other. With their combined efforts it would have taken less than ten minutes. Dobson used that time to argue, however.

More under cut is just covering a bit more on values and whatnot.

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adammcquaig asked: Okay so I don't normally do this but I am legitimately intrigued. I've been through this blog and it's not necessarily things Tom Preston has done directly, more just people hating on him indiscriminately. Probably because it's really easy to hate someone on tumblr (sheep mindset, easy reblogs, etc). So there's a skin error and he defends it? I mean I'm slightly put off by it but geez... to tear him apart limb from limb because of it? He's not a great artist and he's a human being. Take it easy.

I have only posted two three photos of the whitewashing thing - one of them being a submission. I personally have mixed opinions when it comes to how tumblr deals with whitewashing. Personally, I’m more concerned with how much energy he spent arguing with other people instead of listening to criticism and changing things before it got heated.

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Where is your passion?

So SYAC is updating with Dobson’s old avatar… except the facial hair has moved to his head. But besides that, it’s rather disappointing that he attempted to make the comic centred on a new art student back to him… complaining about his artistic troubles he’s faced. And SYAC is also infamous about he constantly contrasts himself with his roommate who worked for Disney and Frederator after he graduated.

Taking a look back to the past when I started this blog, here’s a nice post I made about his views on his BFA/art school. Of course, SYAC has blatant pessimism due to Dobson’s lack of passion when it comes to art - almost discouraging people about these things due to his bad experiences.


For the record, Dobson has had… a rather unfortunate history in regards to his jobs with McDonalds, interviews, and internships. However, most of these ended with a mess because of his failure to cooperate with other people. The problem with this comic is that he’s portraying the message of “even if you graduate art school you won’t be successful like me”.

Dobson’s BFA serves as proof that he sat through an art education (as Mr. Bradley states with any art degree). The reason why it’s a “waste” is because he had no passion to go further and he believes that it was school that failed him instead.

I’ve seen complaints from people that “he’ll influence the crowd of new artists with his bad techniques” back when he was posting hilariously bad tutorials. But for me, I’m more worried about these messages. The message of “it’s impossible to be successful in the art industry just look at me” to newer artists because, really, it’s all about how much passion you put into your work.

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Something Dobson should do for his comics

Wow, I have not updated this thing for a while. I apologize for that. Someone asked me for some tips about comic making since I just posted a link to the Patty download a while ago.

For clarification, I don’t draw comics. I illustrate but I’m not familiar with drawing comics. However, I have gathered some nice tips from EDF that can be shared with you guys (which, for some reason, happens to be 1100+ of you).

Here are tips on lettering things for comics

Additionally, Dobson has a lot of troubles when it comes to line weight


Then again, Dobson loves utilizing shortcuts for the sake of “efficiency” despite priding himself for being slow in the “like a sloth” comic. The consequence of using shortcuts is the drop in quality. Making a comic requires dedication for it to work.

Along with that, here’s a cap I posted a year ago.


I have pointed out that this was generally bad advice to follow. Coming up with a concept of a story and then developing characters is okay, however Dobson’s advice was to write the story and then just create character along. Doing this makes bland and boring characters. You have to solidly realize your characters in order to maintain a sense of consistency.

Moreover you need to model your characters to maintain consistency which Dobson has issues with as well.



This is why model sheets are created - it helps maintain consistency for character designs. Recognizable silhouettes and varying character heights are encouraged for designing characters. Dobson studied animation but I actually haven’t seen model sheets from him.

As for panels, this Brentalfloss strip has too many of them; one being used for goofy faces. Thankfully, pr1met1me created a good example of simply reducing it to a single panel.

That’s really all I have for now. It’s not much of an “update” since it’s just recycled content. To the person who originally sent me that ask, good luck on making your comic!

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So What’s New?

I missed Dobson’s livestream, unfortunately. So I present you a summarization of the discussions going on at EDF. A while back, Dobson offered to do a donation livestream in which he would produce a large Adventure Time drawing. When you are planning something like this, you have to prepare. Knowing Dobson, he always sketches it out traditionally, and has resorted to using materials which were criticized for being unprofessional. These include

  • Taping paper together
  • Using a number 2 pencil
  • Having legos hold up his camera-phone set up at an angle making it difficult to see his sketch
  • Bad lighting

Dobson, himself, declared it to be a failure as his computer crashed while streaming. But what irked me was the following comment.


(Link to comment)

What’s bothersome about this is that he feels entitled to have donations where it was optional for viewers to donate in the first place. He felt entitled to gain money for unfinished work which he put no effort into preparing. When he went on his art break, I was hoping that he would use that time and realized why he got so much shit on the internet; the same shit which has led him to lose motivation in art. But it seems as if he’s incapable of doing that as his journals are constantly showing a sense of immaturity and feelings of self-entitlement.

(Link to full image / Link to comment thread)

Now the fallacy in Dobson’s reply is that he accused him of being controlling as well. There was nothing like that in his comment but merely stating that he’s setting a bad example for others since Dobson has constantly labeled himself as a professional. It was also odd that he would compare himself to the artists he listed. What he isn’t aware of is that he also has to prove himself with effort. The artists he listed put in effort into their works; Dobson just seems opportunity-blind when he doesn’t even get in touch with his tools.

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Comment left on his latest journal:
I was trying to be nice and reasonable but I forgot that doesn’t work with the great and mighty Tom Preston. I know I was harsher on the second comment but come on Preston if you’re going to get pissy don’t expect people to stay pleasant.

Comment left on his latest journal:

I was trying to be nice and reasonable but I forgot that doesn’t work with the great and mighty Tom Preston. I know I was harsher on the second comment but come on Preston if you’re going to get pissy don’t expect people to stay pleasant.

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"I just read this blog and I still like Tom Preston/his comics"

You know, I’m still surprised that this blog gets followers and I might as well update with this little tidbit. For the most part, I personally do not mind if you like Dobson or his comics because you are your own person with your own likes and tastes. And I will admit that when I first started this blog in its early creation that I once held a view that was the opposite - where I believed that people who did like him/his comics were idiots. However, along the way I realized that I really shouldn’t determine people based on how they like or dislike someone.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the people who have defended him aren’t ignorant - I’ve conversed with many people who have defended him and/or his works that have been horribly ignorant to the situation. In contrast, I have also met people who have sided with him who are very understanding.

Of course, not all people hold my view and/or way of judgment. That is fine with me, too. To reiterate for the umpteenth time, this blog merely answers “why” people hold their views on Dobson. Why people, specifically artists, should learn from someone’s actions.

Another professional artist who has a beef with Dobson has pointed the following to me. Rob Liefeld, who is infamous for his misunderstanding of anatomical works, was once given an anatomy book to sign. How did he react? He didn’t fight with the person, he simply accepted it and signed the book. It’s the matter of attitude as well. From what I’ve been told, professional artists must also have a calm and understanding attitude. It shows that they can communicate, take criticism, and be able to converse with clients.

Showing immaturity on the internet when it comes to critique shows people that you are incapable of that. What happened to Christopher Hart when that whole drama regarding his inability to accept critique happened? He got ran out of DeviantART!! It’s the inevitability of backlash which is amplified greatly on the internet as people have more freedom.

Now on this blog updating…. I need to catch up with the forums and figure out what Dobson is doing since I’m out of the loop since school started. But there are a few questions which I do want to point out sooner or later.

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